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AVIO.UA is a young and ambitious Ukrainian company, which was created by people who love to travel for those who like to travel. It is our motto and the secret of our success, because we on the same  page with our customers who in vast majority eventually become our friends, we take the hint. We work for our clients the way we would like to be served if we were customers.

AVIO.UA founders started their activities in 2006 in the field of ​​student programs. We served thousands of students from Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Moldova and with no false modesty and with a great pleasure we can firmly say that these students discovered the world with our programs.

Today AVIO.UA - is a contemporary service that helps travelers book flights and hotels. Our company offers unique technological solution in tickets search that meet the most innovative user-friendly achievements.

AVIO.UA is an experienced team of consultants who are experts in making sure that each of our clients is satisfied with the level of service.

We work in tourism for over 5 years and know how to help you plan your trip thoroughly, we also know that sometimes there are situations beyond one's control - delayed flight, unsettled weather, lost luggage - and in these moments we want to be with you.

in our work we guided ourservles by a set of values:

We want the trip itself to be as pleasant as the destination. We believe that travel inspire and shape one's personality. We adore traveling and to want others to use our knowledge and services. We believe that the destinations are not countries or cities, but adventures of successful trip.

We advise the best. We love traveling and know how to distinguish marketing from useful and relevant information. That is why on our website we try to present information in concise and convenient way to accomodate your needs. We believe that you should buy the product that is exactly how it was presented to you. The best and the most attractive offers should be as practical too.

We want you to be happy with your choice and our service. We want you to use our services knowing that you will be fully pleased. We are at your disposal through our site, by phone or in our Kyiv office (click to see contact information). We do our job well, yet we are not perfect. If you would like to share with us your impressions from our services, draw our attention to errors (or praise us), call us +380443928660 or e-mail us (contacts). We believe that your satisfaction is our gain.

We want you to always find what you are looking for. This has a twofold significance for us: we created AVIO.UA with projection of a person who is looking for airfare or hotel, and not as a presentation of the programmer skills. However, we believe that quality of service consists of good value for money, convenience of the services and reliability of the information which we provide. We believe that on AVIO.UA you get a comprehensive service - inexpensive and convenient flights.

We do our best to ensure that your purchase is secure. When you buy from us, we want you to be sure that the whole process is under control - starting with online payments security, your personal data transmission (all data is protected by modern SSL technology - Secure Socket Layer) and ending with services that you receive from our partners (airlines, hotels). We believe that you should get exactly what you have chosen and purchased.

We know a lot about the travel arrangments and we want to know everything. Perhaps not at once, but you can help us be better informed. Send us a message with your impressions from the trip, tips, photos, observations or comments to [email protected] (attachment size should not exceed 3 MB). This way you will help yourself in your future trips and also help other travelers to improve their travel pleasure and experience, as we will use this information to serve our clients better. We believe in dialogue and the power of the Internet that will help us create a community of like-minders.

We want you to travel the world: to evidence that Rome is eternal, see Paris from the Eiffel Tower, take a walk at High Line Park in New York, visit Misty Albion. We want you to admire sunset in Ibiza and the dawn on the Norwegian Fjords, the Antonio Gaudi Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family in Barcelona. We want the Carnival of Venice and the Golden House, masks and gondolas were not just plain words to you, but real memories of what you saw. Dream to see the world! We believe that dreams come true. We believe that thoughts materialize. Dream and plan, and we will help you realize your most ambitious plans.

We want you to travel the world with us!