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AVIO.UA Privacy policy

This document describes the range of information which AVIO.UA web site collects from its Users and the purpose of their collecting, ways of their processing and using as well as the means undertaken in order maximize the protection of our Users’ personal details.

AVIO.UA commits itself to protecting your privacy and to ensure maximal safety of your personal details. Each piece of data is collected and processed according to the rules of protecting personal data and offering services electronically.


The way of collecting the data

Data about the Users of AVIO.UA web site are collected both actively and passively.

Active data collecting takes place through conscious entering ones data by the User oneself at filling the order formulas on the web page.

The data is collected passively automatically by the server which notes the information concerning the web page (IP address, internet browser type, monitor resolution) and by programs they analyze customers behavior on the web page for statistical purposes.


The range of the collected data

By registering at the newsletter subscription User’s e-mail address is collected. By purchasing a ticket or reserving a hole or a car apart from User’s first and last name, ones contact detail are collected: address, telephone number, fax number (optionally) and e-mail address. In case of credit card payments the number of the credit cart, its type , expiry date and CVV number are also collected.

In order to purchase products and service offered by AVIO.UA User does not have to create an account in the web site and register in order to receive marketing information in the future, nonetheless, in the field where it is necessary to accomplish the transaction, one has to hand over his personal data and, needed credit card data once.

In some cases additional demographical data about our Users may be collected as a part of Internet examination surveys conducted only by reputable entities ensuring proper security of privacy and personal details.

During Users visit on www.avio.ua web page the data concerning User’s computer and internet connection is collected automatically.

The data collected automatically (passively) concern only the transactions and do not contain personal details. I case of Users who created a profile on AVIO.UA and declared that they would like to receive promotional information the collected data concern their travel preferences and last search queries. However, we would like to note that in case of abuse such as e.g. using a stolen credit card or other illegal action, relevant governmental services on request of the prosecution offices can successfully pinpoint the localization of the computer from which the connection has been established using the data from the server.

The data collected automatically contain information about the web page, from which the User has entered the AVIO.UA web site, the data concerning the internet connection, User’s IP address, one’s geo-localization (country, region, city) type of the internet browser used, screen resolution and other technical data. In case of Users who entered the www.avio.ua web page by using search engine the date concerning keywords typed by the users in the search engine that resulted in displaying the link to www.avio.ua. The data collected automatically may also contain information about last visits to AVIO.UA web site and the advertisements linking to www.avio.ua which have been clicked by User even if it took place earlier, usually up to 1 to 2 months (see also information about cookie files).


The purpose of collecting the data

The personal data are collected in order to accomplish the sale process of products and services offered by AVIO.UA web site, particularly airline tickets, hotel rooms and car rental.

The data can also be collected in order to offer other products and services in the future. In some situations we will collect additional data connected with participating in our promotions and competitions or collected in our surveys. What is more, personal data are processed in accounting purposes and to perform an audit according to the binding rules.

The data collected automatically are being used for statistical purposes only, collectively and by using reliable programs to analyze the traffic on internet pages. The systems of advertising effectiveness analysis are provided only by trustworthy companies securing our Users’ privacy. This data serve AVIO.UA for statistical analysis of Users’ behavior on the web page and their preferences, which is conducted in order to improve the web site and increase the satisfaction of is Users. By making these analysis we to not process any personal data. 


Passing the data over to other entities

Users’ data is passed over to other entities. They are in particular: airline, hotel and car rental reservation systems, airlines, hotels, car rental services and other providers of services offered by AVIO.UA web site and possibly also companies organizing delivery of products or documents as well as banks and other credit cart settlement system operators used by AVIO.UA web site Users.

AVIO.UA makes all efforts to pass to personal details over only to trustworthy entities not raising any doubts concerning data security and giving warranty of its proper processing according to the legal regulations without abusing AVIO.UA Users’ privacy.

Special attention is being paid to the protection of credit card data that is passed over only to trustworthy entities authorized by banks and card operators, and the information is passed over with using up-to-date methods of coding the data securing this information against unauthorized access of third parties.

In case of abuses and other situations described in rules of law the data might be passed over to vindication institutions, accredited registers of debtors or prosecution services – accordingly to the binding rules of law. On request of the enforced state organs, accordingly to the rules of law, AVIO.UA can provide access to the collected data to the adequate state services.

In no case will AVIO.UA sell the collected data about Users to their entities.

Third parties (external providers) including Google may display advertisements commissioned by AVIO.UA on web pages providing access to its advertising space. These providers including Google use cookie files to display advertisements basing on earlier User’s visits on AVIO.UA web pages. There is a possibility of resigning from this option and blocking Google cookie file on the web page dedicated for blocking Google Adds option: http://www.google.com.ua/intl/uk/privacy/privacy-policy.html.


Rules of contact between AVIO.UA and Users

AVIO.UA will contact the Users in the field necessary to accomplish the transaction by e-mail or telephone (also by SMS) or by fax or regular mail. This will be reservation confirmations and additional information if necessary. In some cases a contact will be established with selected Users in order to measure their customer satisfaction and collect remarks that would improve functioning of AVIO.UA web site.

AVIO.UA can also provide User with information concerning new offers and promotions (Users can resign from receiving this information any time).


Changes of personal details and resigning from receiving commercial information

Every User of AVIO.UA web site has the right to view ones personal detail and to make amendments . It will usually take place by login into the web site and changing the data by internet by filling an appropriate l, nonetheless, in justified cases it will by possible by e-mail, fax or regular mail.

AVIO.UA Customer whose data is being stored may resign from receiving commercial information any time (especially the newsletter) or forbid passing ones personal details to other entities unless it is necessary to accomplish the transaction that have already begun or to enforce AVIO.UA’s or other Users’ dealings.

User can also delete ones data on the web site any time, nonetheless some part of the data concerning earlier transactions can be still being stored by AVIO.UA for accounting purposes, accordingly to the rules of law.


Ability to opt out of direct communication

For everyone who gave us their personal data and/or contact information, we provide an opportunity to opt out of receiving future commercial e-maile, initiating telephone calls and using other methods of direct communication for marketing purposes, offer submission or market research. If the message received from us will not include information about how to opt out receiving similar messages, or if for some reason the resignation made will prove to be ineffective, please contact us directly by e-mail, indicating the scope of direct communications (commercial purpose), which we should stop using and add also the personal data and contact information to which they relate and any other relevant circumstances. Contact details can be found at: http://www.avio.ua/contact.html.

We will make every effort to include the declaration without undue delay. Before making the appropriate changes in our databases, we reserve the right to verify whether the application actually came from the person whose data is indicated by sending a verification email or telephone confirmation.


Using cookie files("cookies")

AVIO.UA web site may use cookie files, that are used by User’s internet browser to indentify one’s previous visits on AVIO.UA web page or clicks on the advertisements linking to www.avio.ua.

Cookie files ore small packages of information saved on User’s computer hard disk during the visit on a web page. Some of them might be parameterised in the way that the browser deletes them after some time (usually 1 to 2 months) The data may contain the information about previous visits on www.avio.ua web pages or details of previously made reservations or other options chosen by the User which enables automatic adjustment of the web site to the previous preferences of the current User and improvement of the reservation and purchase process.

Most of the internet browsers accept cookie files automatically, nonetheless User has the possibility to avoid collecting cookie files by changing the settings of one’s browser or removing them directly from the proper catalogue on the hard disk.

Using AVIO.UA web site is also possible with the internet browser with blocked cookies collection, and deleting cookie files will not disable User using AVIO.UA web site.

If it is absolutely crucial, please do not block or delete the cookie files, because thanks to the data collected from these files we are able to enhance our web site, improve its functionality and adjust it to the individual preferences of the certain User.

Cookie files do not contain any personal details.


Google Statistics

n particular, AVIO.UA web site uses Google statistics to evaluate effectiveness of its actions and marketing campaigns. Cookie files used to measure this efficiency are placed on User’s computer after clicking on the advertisement. These files usually remain active for 30 days. They do not contain personal details. The detailed information about the ways of using the information stored by Google thanks to cookie files are available at: http://www.google.com.ua/intl/uk/privacy/

There is a possibility of blocking the process of collecting this information by blocking (deactivating) cookie files in User’s computer settings. One ought to remember that deactivating cookie files may affect correctness and/or quality of several web sites. In particular, same services may stop functioning that is why we do not recommend deactivating cookie files. In order to in spite of all deactivate the cookie files one should change the internet browser settings so that it would not accept these type of files or inform about their transmission.


Securing the data

In case of collecting the data or information about credit cards, communication between User’s computer and AVIO.UA server is coded using the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

Activating the safe mode can be recognized at the changed address bar in the internet browser. Instead of the internet address beginning with http:// appears a new one beginning with https:// (the difference of the letter “s” – for secured) Additionally depending on the type and version of the internet browser a mark of a padlock should appear symbolizing a connection secured against the access of a third party.

Databases collected on AVIO.UA servers are secured against unauthorized access with a system of passwords and physical and organizational securities.

More information on personal data security


Exclusion of responsibility

We made all possible efforts, co include all the necessary information concerning AVIO.UA Users’ privacy in herby document. However, in some cases it might turn out that the range of information about the Users collected by AVIO.UA and methods of its processing differ slightly from those described in herby document – without abusing User’s privacy.

AVIO.UA undertakes all the necessary steps resulting in respecting the above mentioned rules of privacy policy. Though, abusing these rules by AVIO.UA cannot be basis for any kind of claims towards AVIO.UA, with exclusion of situations when this kind responsibility would result from binding legal regulations concerning civil or penal responsibility.

AVIO.UA web page might contain links, advertisements and forwardings leading to other web pages. We make all possible efforts, so that they would link to valuable and safe web pages protecting User’s privacy. However, we would like to mention that these web pages may use different security and privacy policies that are independent from AVIO.UA, and for which AVIO.UA is not responsible.


Information about the entity colleting the data

The entity collecting the data is "Avio Ukraine" LLC, registered in Podil District in the city of Kyiv by District State Administration with identification number 36048309, called in this document also "AVIO.UA". The detailed contact data are available in “Contact” section of AVIO.UA web site.


Changes of privacy policy

We reserve the right of changing the herby privacy policy regulations and publishing them on AVIO.UA web pages.

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