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Security details AVIO.UA

Information about used security measures

AVIO.UA offers its Users safety of data processing, especially data concerning credit cards. Databases collected on AVIO.UA servers are secured against unauthorized access with a system of passwords and physical and organizational securities.


AVIO.UA does not store credit card numbers and their security numbers, and AVIO.UA employees have no access to the credit card data entered into the order formulas by the Users.


In case of collecting personal data and information about credit cards, communication between the User’s computer and FRU.PL server is being coded using the SSL (Security Socket Layer) protocol. The SSL securities effectively disable intercepting any information. Information transferred with using the code algorithms will not fall into the wrong hands.


Activating the safe mode can be recognized at the changed address bar in the internet browser. Instead of the internet address beginning with http:// appears a new one beginning with https:// (the difference of the letter “s” – for secured) Additionally depending on the type and version of the internet browser a mark of a padlock should appear symbolizing a connection secured against the access of a third party. After clicking on a padlock (depending on the web browser and its version) information about the safety certificate will appear.


In order to use the coded connection, the internet browser has to support 128-bit SSL transmission protocol which is supported by: Internet Explorer 5.5, Firefox Mozilla 1.0, Netscape 4.76, Opera 7.0 (or newer versions) The version of the internet browser can be checked in the Help / About menu. Depending on the browser the menu options may be named differently. We advise using the latest browser versions. We are asking Users, especially in case of handing over the credit card data, to make sure each time that the web page, where they enter this data is safe, that is whether the internet address begins with https:// (not http://) and whether the padlock symbol appears. If not, please stop entering the data and contact AVIO.UA as soon as possible in order to obtain information on safe accomplishing the payment process and to identify the cause of the error.


We strongly advise, especially in case of providing credit/debit card data, to make sure that the page where you enter this information guarantees security, i.e. that the address begins with https (instead of http), as that lock symbol is visible. If these signs are missing, please do not enter data and contact AVIO.UA immediately in order to process with secure payment, as well as to identify the cause of the error.


We do not recommend entering the credit card data using unknown computers. One should make sure that the computer, on which the credit card data is entered is secured against viruses and other dangerous and malicious software by firewall, antivirus programs and programs securing against worms, Trojans, spyware and adware. The security software as well as the operating system should be updated systematically, by installation of updates and defining latest threats appearing in the Interne.


The above mentioned rules are general rules and concern also using every other internet service, where the credit card data or codes and passwords enabling accomplishing financial operations are entered. We recommend therefore using them every time you enter your data that ought to be protected from third party’s access in the Internet.


Information about privacy policy protection.