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Terms and conditions AVIO.UA


These regulations specify the rules of using and functioning of AVIO.UA web site operating at Internet address www.avio.ua. The resolutions of the regulations together with the rules of law binding on the territory of Republic of Poland specify the rights and duties of Web Site Users as well as rights, duties and range of responsibility of entities holding the right to conduct and administrate the services provided by AVIO.UA web site.

§2   Basic information

1. The owner of the AVIO.UA web site is "Avio Ukraine" LLC, with headquarters in Kyiv, 04071, 3A Khoryva Street, further called AVIO.UA.

2. The entity providing services concerning the web site is "Avio Ukraine" LLC.

3. AVIO.UA web site enables making flight reservations and buying airline tickets by the Users of AVIO.UA by providing users with Galileo reservation system and other reservation systems. Booking a flight and buying an airline ticket may take place thorough the site’s web page or by telephone using the number displayed on the site’s web page. The resolutions of these regulations cover the bookings by telephone accordingly.

§3   Rules of using the service

1. Responsibility of AVIO.UA User

1.1. Acceptation of conditions. The User accepts the conditions specified in these regulations and holds responsibility for his actions resulting from using of the web site.

1.2. Representing a third party. The User uses the service in one’s own name. When one does it in someone else’s name, this means that he holds a legally valid authorization. The user is fully responsible for acting without authorization or exceeding its limits.

1.3. Using false personal data. Making booking queries with a false name or someone else’s name without a valid authorization and paying for booked airline tickets with a false or someone else’s credit card is unacceptable and forbidden by the common binding rules of law.

1.4. Extent of using the web site. User states that one would uses the web site only in the field of reservation queries and buying airline tickets.

1.5. Limited liability. AVIO.UA does not guarantee that using the web site would proceed without defects, failures, shutdowns or inaccessibility of the reservation system and that the result of the search would correspond to Users expectations concerning substantial contents, precision and suitability of the acquired information.

§4   Range of services

The reservation systems provided by AVIO.UA web site enables Users to acquire information about currently available flight connections, shown as a list of flight connections and to make a reservation of an airline ticket for the flight selected by the User according to the rules specified below:

1. Reservation system. Reservations and transactions are made through AVIO.UA by using the Worldspan airline ticket reservation system and other database sources.

1.2. The process of reservation. The process of reservation may be conducted in two ways: by the User on the AVIO.UA web page or by the AVIO.UA Call Center.

1.2.1 User executes an inquiry about the possibility of making a reservation and then makes a reservation by:

a) choosing one of the options of flight connections’ suggested by the System displayed in the form of a list of connections on the given route (according to the conditions specified by the User on the search engine formula which is to be found at www.avio.ua);

b) correctly filling the personal questionnaire (an integral part of the web site) with the data necessary for making a reservation;

в) filling the questionnaire with the data necessary for fulfilling the transaction of an airline ticket purchase;

c) accepting, these regulations and fare rules after prior familiarizing oneself with them (these rules are available on the web page during the booking process or directly at AVIO.UA at the telephone);

d) pressing the button named “Book!” on the pages of www.avio.ua web site and acquiring the reservation number (usually a combination of letters and numbers).

1.2.2. User receives a confirmation of the booking by e-mail titled “Reservation details” containing the reservation number, passengers first and last name, travel route and the price to pay.

1.2.3. Reservation is considered accomplished after sending User an e-mail to an e-mail address given in the inquiry form during reservation process containing confirmation of reservation specified in point 1.3.

1.3. Confirmation of reservation. The confirmation of reservation sent to an e-mail address given in the inquiry form during reservation process at AVIO.UA web page is an evidence of holding a valid reservation by the User. The confirmation of the reservation according to point 1.2.3. is not equal to the confirmation of the price of buying an airline ticket.

1.4. The effects of making a reservation. Making a reservation is not a basis for generating User an airline ticket.

1.5. The price of an airline ticket at the moment of booking. The price of an airline ticket is guaranteed only at the moment of booking and only when it was correctly presented to the User by the AVIO.UA reservation system. Apart from the possibility of changing the price of buying an airline ticket in situation specified in point 3.1.1 and 3.1.4., the price can be changed if it has been specified incorrectly, due to an evident mistake of AVIO.UA employee or system malfunctions.

1.6. The time-limit of purchase after making a reservation.

1.6.1. The booked ticket should be purchased in the time-limit set every time for each particular reservation . The time-limit is set by the reservation system basing on the conditions of the current tariff and rules of AVIO.UA. If the ticket is not bought in the given time-limit until 8 PM (in weekdays) or 5 PM (on Saturdays) the reservation will be cancelled automatically. (ATTENTION! This does not include credit card payments) The ticket is considered purchased when the payment for AVIO.UA given by AVIO.UA employee or reservation system is noted by AVIO.UA web site or Call Center staff. By notice of payment AVIO.UA understands passing the account for the ticket on the bank account given to the User in the payment details.

1.6.2. Airline reserves the right to shorten the time-limit for purchasing the ticket given during the booking process. The user will be informed by AVIO.UA about this situation by an e-mail sent to an e-mail address given in the order formula or by telephone on a telephone number given in the order formula.

1.6.3. AVIO.UA reserves the right to set the User an earlier time- limit for purchasing a ticket then the one fixe by the airline.

2. Purchase

2.1. User can purchase an airline ticket only by filling the order formula with the correct personal data and purchasing the ticked within the time-limit set by the airline or AVIO.UA.

2.2. In order to purchase the ticket booked according to the rules descried in paragraph 4, point 1 0 - 1.6, User is obliged to follow the procedure described in point 3.2. Before purchasing an airline ticket User is obliged to familiarize with the herby regulations, accept their content and familiarize with the tariffs terms and conditions concerning the flight connection chosen by the User. The conditions (set by the airline) are available on the web page during the reservation process and directly by the Ticketing Consultant by telephone +48 22 201 11 99 or 0 801 08 08 10. When the tariff conditions are not displayed to the User in an understandable way, the User is obliged to verify them before the purchase by the Ticketing Consultant by contacting him/her by one of the above mentioned phone numbers.

2.3. Personal data of the person for whom the reservation is made, specified in point 1.3, should harmonize with the data in ones passport / ID. Failing to follow these instructions may result in not being allowed to enter the airplane deck. In such a case the payment for the airline ticket is no returned.

2.4. In case of paying for the ticket in a different day than the reservation is being made User must contact AVIO.UA by telephone +380443928660,+380622105499,+380322295700 or by e-mail: [email protected] on the day of purchase and settle the correct price of the airline ticket in UAH according to the current rate of exchange.

3. Price and payment method

3.1. Price

3.1.1. Price of the airline ticket is determined in Ukrainian Hryvnias (UAH).

3.1.2. Price of the airline ticket includes:

a) tariff (price for the flight),

b) taxes and airport charge,

c) transaction fee – payment for issuing the ticket.

3.1.3. Airline may change the tariff or withdraw it from sale after making a reservation. In such a case the reservation will be cancelled without charging the User with any costs.

3.1.4. As tariffs, taxes and airport charges specified in point 3.1.2, can be denominated by the airline in foreign currency the final price may differ from the offer. In case of a slight change of the price User agrees to correct the transaction fee in order to settle the total price according to the price given in the accepted offer. In case of a major change of the final price AVIO.UA employee will contact the user to inform one about the price change. The user have the right to resign from the reservation and will be entitled to a full money refund.

3.1.5. Transaction fee is a payment collected by AVIO.UA for issuing an airline ticket and further handling the reservation.

3.1.6. The charge for reservation changes after issuing the ticket does not include the charges collected for the same reason by airlines, that are included in the airline tariffs.

3.2 Payment methods.

3.2.1. The credit card payment through AVIO.UA web site. Payment by a credit card affect by its owner or the person authorized by card’s owner. Using someone else’s card without authorization in order to pay for an airline ticket is in legal perspective a crime and ought to be penalized according to Art. 278. § 1 of Penal Code. Each attempt to commit such a crime will be reported to the prosecution bodies.

1. Authorization and settlement of the payment for regular airline ticket takes place through the Worldspan reservation system directly and by “order by phone” system, and in case of a low-cost carrier with omission of the Worldspan system. Authorization usually takes place in the AVIO.UA working hours.

2. By passing over one’s credit card data the User agrees on an authorization to the limit of the ticket charge. The authorization usually takes place in 24 hours from making a reservation. If the user wants to stop the card authorization one should immediately contact the Call Center number ( +380443928660,+380622105499 or +380322295700) in the Call Center working hours.

3. In case of:

a) no authorization;

b) impossibility of blocking the charge on the account;

c) when the airline clearly forbids to make this type of a credit card payment;

d) when the airline clearly forbids to make a credit card payment for this tariff;

AVIO.UA will contact the User telephonically or by e-mail, in order to settle for another payment method (the e-mail or telephonic contact will be established basing on the data provided by the User in the order form).

4. In order to make a proper credit card authorization the user is required to pass over the following data:

a) type of the credit card;

b) credit card number;

c) credit cart expiry date;

d) the CVV2/CVC2 code (it is situated at the back at of the payment card . These are the three last numbers printed by the card number on the signature stripe).

5. Authorization of the credit card means sending the credit card data to the reservation system and the card settlement canter. Next the credit card of a number provided by the user is being charged with the prices settled according to the point 3.1. (in two separate transactions).

6. Positive authorization equivalent to a purchase of the airline ticket.

7. In case of impossibility of blocking the charge on the credit card the purchase will not take place.

8. AVIO.UA is not responsible for the way an airline conducts the credit card authorization process and states that is has no influence on the moment of charging the credit card owner’s account.

3.2.2. Remittance payment

a) Remittance payment in available only when the transaction is being settled at least 2 working days before the set time-limit for the ticket purchase. In case of the shorter time-limit we strongly suggest using the cash payment on our account in any office of the following banks: BRE Bank S.A., PKO BP, Alior Bank or PKO SA across Poland. The cash payment is free of any kind of fees for the contributor. The remittance or cash payment can be sent to an account

Beneficiary: "Avio Ukraine" LLC


Account number: acc. 26005052715105.MFO 300711

Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Account number: acc. 26008100256.MFO 380805

b) The remittance should be send from a bank as quickly as possible. We strongly advise not using the cash payment services of Poczta Polska due to possible delays in money transfer.

c) In case of purchasing the ticket within 2 days from the reservation expiry time one should sent the confirmation of the executed remittance on an e-mail address [email protected] or by fax on number 044 495 32 20 along with the following data containing to following data: reservation number, passengers first and last name.

3.2.3. Cash payment in the office:

The payment for the airline ticket can be settled in one of the AVIO.UA service offices (the addresses of the offices are presented on AVIO.UA webpage Http://www.avio.ua/kontakt.php)

4. Forms of collection and delivery of tickets

4.1. Collection and delivery of tickets – general rules

4.1.1. The delivery or collection of the airline ticket is dependent on purchasing an airline ticket by the user on basis of point 2 and 3.2 of the herby regulations by the User.

4.1.2. The purchased airline ticket will be send the customer by e- mail on an e-mail address provided by the User in the reservation formula or might be collected in the office personally by the User.

4.1.3. The list of the offices, where it is possible to make a payment and collect the booked tickets is available on the AVIO.UA web page http://www.avio.ua/contact.php.

5. Terms of canceling the reservation for the User

5.1. Canceling the reservation before the purchase. User holds the right to cancel ones reservation free of charge before the purchase until 8 PM (weekdays) or 5 PM (on Saturday ) on the day of ticket purchase. (ATTENTION! This does not include credit card payments).

5.2. The method of cancelling before the purchase of an airline ticket. Cancelling the reservation is possible by contacting the Call Center on number telephone +380443928660,+380622105499 or +380322295700. The user declares that cancelling the reservation in such a way is done by oneself. This way one holds full responsibility for cancelling a reservation.

5.3. The method of cancelling after the purchase of an airline ticket. User has the right to cancel the purchased reservation free of charge, but it may effect only at the same day the ticket has been issued provided that User contacts the Call Center during its working hours.

Attention! In case of low cost carriers cancellation of the ticket after the purchase is usually impossible.

6. Cancelling the reservation due to an airline’s guilt

6.1. Responsibility. AVIO.UA is not responsible for the changes in the reservation status or for canceling a reservation by airlines in the reservations made by AVIO.UA users

6.2. Informing customers. Information about the potential changes in reservations made by the airlines will be passed over by the telephone on the number given during booking process or, if this proves unsuccessful, will be send by AVIO.UA on the e-mail address given in the personal data questionnaire.

Attention! Due to organizational specificity this procedure may not be fully applicable to low cost carriers.

7. Changes in the reservation of a booked flight

7.1. The customer has the right to make changes in the booked reservation after the purchase of the ticket (date, departure time etc) on the terms specified in the air tariff, with AVIO.UA reserving the right to charge non-tariff change fee of 349 UAH per each changed ticket. The non- tariff fee is not included in the tariff conditions presented by the airline.

ATTENTION! The above mentioned right to make changes or return the ticket is limited in case of several low cost carrier offers. Because of technical reasons in such cases changes or returns may prove to be possible only by direct of the customer contact with the airline. The ways of changing / cancelling the reservations are regulated by separate sets of rules of certain carrier and AVIO.UA has no influence on them.

7.2. Regular airlines do not allow to change the names of passengers. This is allowed only in special cases. Charges are always subject to the consent of the airlines.

7.2. Conditions of making the changes. The conditions of making the changes in reservations are dependent on the airlines’ internal regulations and the fees included in herby regulations.

8. Return of the ticket

8.1. The right to return the ticket. Customer has the right to return the ticket purchased by using AVIO.UA according to the tariff rules applicable to the certain ticket. The intention of returning the purchased ticket has be reported to AVIO.UA representative in order to obtain information about the costs ant the return procedure.

Attention! One should remember that the return of taxes or the unused ticket is usually possible only when none of the segments of the travel reserved on that ticket has been used.

Attention! The above mentioned right to make changes or return the tickets by AVIO.UA is limited in case of several low cost carrier offers. Because of technical reasons in such cases changes or returns may prove to be possible only by direct of the customer contact with the airline. The ways of changing / cancelling the reservations are regulated by separate sets of rules of certain carrier and AVIO.UA has no influence on them.

8.2. Terms of returning the ticket

8.2.1. The terms of returning the ticket are specified by the tariff rules of the airlines. The return executed by AVIO.UA will be possible only when the Customer effectively informs AVIO.UA about canceling ones travel in suggested time at least 24 hours before the flight or, if it is not possible due to AVIO.UA working hours’ time limitations, the Customer informs directly the airline before the flight and this fact will be noted in airlines reservation system.

8.2.2. The return of the airlines ticket is always connected with deduction cost specified in airline tariff and herby regulations. Transaction fee collected by AVIO.UA is not subjected to return. AVIO.UA has the right to charge an extra no-tariff fee of 349 UAH from each returned ticket.

8.3. Refund amount. The amount due to the Customer for the returned ticket is being transferred, depending on the form of paying the ticket fee, in 30 days from the date of obtaining by AVIO.UA the information about the intention of receiving the return. The condition of receiving the return is sending a signed corrective invoice back to AVIO.UA. 30 days starts from the moment of receiving the corrective invoice along with the return formula by the customer by electronic or regular mail.

a) in case of credit card payment the amount due for the ticket return is sent exclusively on the credit card by which the airline ticket has been purchased;

b) in case of remittance payment the amount due for the ticket return is sent to the bank account indicated by the User in the refund form;

c) in case of cash payment, the amount due for the ticket return is paid at the office where cash payment occurred or is sent to the bank account indicated by the User in the refund form.

9. Required travel documents

9.1. The User should be in possession of the valid documents allowing one to travel at the latest at the moment of reserving the airline ticket, particularly a valid passport, visas required on arrival , in case of purchasing a children or student ticket, also a student ID.

9.1.1. AVIO.UA is not responsible for the User not being in possession of arrival or transit via necessary in the country, where the User is heading, or where one is changing a flight. Information about the visa requirements the ser should obtain by oneself before reserving the airline tickets. (The best way to do so is to contact ones Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

§5  Personal data protection

1.1. User agrees to use his personal data within the range indicated below by "Avio Ukraine" LLC headquartered in Kyiv, 04071, 3A Khoryva Street for marketing purposes of "Avio Ukraine" LLC and its  contractors, inter alia to measure the degree of customer satisfaction, and to submit user personal data for these purposes, the companies mentioned above.

1.2. User, accepting Terms and Conditions of AVIO.UA, declares that he has been informed that the administrator of his personal data will be "Avio Ukraine" LLC and that he has the right to access the content of his data and correct them, and providing personal information is voluntary.

1.3. User agrees to receive information corresponding with the commercial purposes mentioned above by electronic media of communication, including indicated by user e-mail address.

§6   Final resolutions

1.1. Using Civil Code. Cases not regulated by herby regulations are subject are to be settled by the rules of Civil Code.

1.2. Court Adequacy. Any controversy connected to the services provided by AVIO.UA are to be arbitrated by the courts adequate locally to AVIO.UA headquarters.

1.3. Responsibility exclusion. AVIO.UA does not hold responsibility for any damage arisen on the User’s side resulting from the fact of the travel not taking place due to incidence of force majeure as it is interpreted by the Civil Code and due to reasons unrelated to AVIO.UA, in particular strike of airline workers, airport workers etc. In particular AVIO.UA cannot in any way mediate in any kind of complaint and claim proceedings of the customer against the airline.

1.4. Users acceptance. I declare that all resolutions of herby Regulations are clear and understandable for me. I accept every resolution of herby Regulations without any exceptions.

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